About Us

The Story Behind how BestDressEver began

Cabbage Patch dolls were my first introduction to the joys of sewing for others, and you might be surprised to know as a child I made the clothing for those dolls myself!

Even as a little child, fingers perhaps a little clumsy and designs not quite as refined, I took immense joy in creating handmade clothing for those chubby playtime friends. I continued to sew through my childhood, teenage, and now adult years honing a lifetime of skills. It was when I became a mother to my two precious daughters that my creativity truly blossomed. Graduating from dolls to children was a blessing, and I loved creating matching outfits for them to wear.

Over the years I have created a portfolio of designs for costumes, quilts, flower girl dresses, and anything that offered that girly flair and princess style for my children. It is because of them that I am able to offer you and your children exquisitely designed and created pieces. BestDressEver is truly a labor of love, and it is my pleasure to offer you a selection of handmade cotton boutique dresses, bubbles, tops and more that are guaranteed to be made with love.  

From bubble rompers and dresses to bloomers and tunics, BestDressEver is dedicated to honoring the beauty and playfulness that is childhood.